African Spiritual Mask Wall Decor (Various Styles)

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West African masks were traditionally created and used as part of spiritual and/or indigenious religious ceremonies and rituals to honor Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors.  These modern handcrafted masks are created to symbolize cultural principles and values.

  • Made from natural and sustainable wood.
  • Wall decor.
  • Created in Ghana.
  • Fair trade items.

Warrior Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 11.75 inches tall x 7.25 inches wide x 3.3 inches thick

Beloved Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 10.75 inches tall x 5.75 inches wide x 3 inches thick

Healer Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 16.5 inches tall x 6.25 inches wide x 2.8 inches thick

Devotee Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 8.75 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide x 2.4 inches thick

Virtuous Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 12.5 inches tall x 4.7 inches wide x 2.6 inches thick

Leader Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 19.75 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide x 3.1 inches thick

Zebra Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 11.5 inches tall x 4.3 inches wide x 2 inches thick

Abundance Spirit Mask

Dimensions: 10.5 inches tall x 11 inches " W wide x 2.4 inches thick


This item is Black craftwork.


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