Our Team


Juris Doctor & RYT-200*

Dea is the founder of DivineSense. She first learned spiritual philosophy, natural remedies, and holistic practices from her family who used these practices to care for her, sustain themselves, and thrive for generations.


With this foundation, Dea began her own exploration of spiritual philosophy, practices and experiences through religion, Black & Indigenous Spiritual Traditions, Yoga, and holistic living more than two decades ago.  Each and every product and service offered in the collection is directly inspired by the many lessons and practices that she has acquired along her spiritual journey.


Before creating DivineSense, Dea spent a decade working alongside impoverished and oppressed communities as a trial attorney, legal supervisor, legal trainer, advocacy trainer, and grassroots organizer in Indianapolis, IN and Washington, DC. She is also a trained anti-racism advocate and facilitative mediator with experience developing and conducting trainings in diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism principles. 


Through her spiritual practices, she found and continues to experience personal growth, comfort during life challenges, relief from mental, emotional, and physical distress, and a deeper relationship with God.


Selected Training & Experience:

*500-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Expected August 2022

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2020-Present

Human Body Ease & Dis-ease (Anatomy & Physiology) Training, 2022

Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy, 2021

Neuroscience & Yoga Training, 2021

Certified Raja Yoga (Yoga Philosophy) Teacher, 2020-2021

Pranayama and Ayurveda, 2020

Black Girl Yoga Ambassador for Maryland, 2019-Present

Prison Yoga Project Certificate, 2019

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Leader Certification, 2019

40-Hour Facilitative Mediator Certificate, 2018

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance, 2018-Present

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate, 2017

Analyzing & Understanding Systemic Racism, 2017

Clinical Adjunct Professor of Law, IU McKinney School of Law, 2011-12

Trial Attorney/Government Attorney, 2008-2018

Juris Doctor, IU McKinney School of Law, 2008

Yoga Student & Practitioner, 2003-2022


Anthropology, BA

Azea is the Creative & Cultural Program Consultant for DivineSense. In this position, she supports the organization by collaborating with its founder to develop and implement yoga events, wellness programs, and spiritual workshops for adults and youth in the Baltimore area.


Azea joined the DivineSense team because of the organization’s commitment to provide its clients with various services and products that promote self-love and eco-friendly living. As she continues her work with DivineSense, Azea hopes to provide adults, children and teenagers, from marginalized backgrounds, with the educational resources they need to be well rounded individuals with the ability to regulate their emotions in healthy ways and be positive influences in their communities.


Selected Experience:

Yoga Student, 2020-Present

Curriculum and Content Development Specialist, The Be. Org, 2020-2021

Job Coach, YouthWorks, 2020

Communications Intern, Fund for Education Abroad, 2019-2020

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Baby Books 2 (UMD), 2019

Bachelors of Arts, University of Maryland, 2015-2019
Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support Intern, United States Peace Corps, 2018-2019

Senior Summer Camp Counselor, Anthony Bowen YMCA, 2015-2016