Tribal Fabrics: Aboriginal Australian Dreamtime

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DivineSense is honored to offer this collection of cotton fabric prints created by Aboriginal (indigenous) Australian artists and depicting the beauty of their Dreamtime spiritual philosophy.

Aboriginal Australians trace their ancestry back 70,000 years to their ancestors migration from Africa and through Asia until they finally settled in Australia 50,000 years ago. They are among the oldest humans to inhabit the earth who are living outside of Africa.

Through their faith in the truth of Dreamtime philosophy and their spiritual strength, Aboriginal Australians have preserved their traditional beliefs, ways life, and artwork, despite overwhelming oppression.

We feel blessed to support our Aboriginal Australian sisters and brothers and share the beauty of their culture and spiritual philosophy and way of life. If you would like to learn more about Dreamtime philosophy, be sure to check our selection of spiritual books here.

  • Dreamtime spiritual prints created by Aboriginal Australians
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Great for quilting projects.
  • Price is for 1 yard of fabric (sold in fat quarters or 1/2 yard upon request)
  • Black-Indigenous craftwork

*Items will vary slightly from those pictured as is common with craftwork.

**This kit includes Black & Indigenous craftwork.


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