Racial Healing & Yoga Workshop

Racial Healing & Yoga™  Workshop™ 

The Racial Healing and Yoga Workshop is an introduction and exploration of racial constructs through the lens of spiritual philosophy.


This workshop offers an examination of the purpose and persistence of racial constructs, explanation of Yogic philosophy of how the mind works, the source of racial conditioning within the mind, and how principles and practices of the Black Spiritual Traditions and Yoga can help us liberate ourselves from the racial constructs and conditioning that divide and bind us all.


Available only to adults (18+ years and older) at this time. 


Racial Healing & Yoga™ Program™

The Racial Healing & Yoga Program is a more comprehensive eight-session program that expands on the Racial Healing & Yoga Workshop above thorugh in two parts.


Part I presents a brief history of white supremacy and liberation movements, a framework for healing of racial wounds, discussion of wellness practices for resilience, and an opportunity to develop introspection to accept and change our white supremacist cultural conditioning to unite.


Part II discusses the spiritual aspects of activism, explores practical strategies for individual activism in daily life, strategies for collective activism for liberation, and a brainstorming session.


Available only to adults (18+ years and older) at this time.

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