Our Company

Wellness Consulting Services & Online Boutique:

DivineSense is a wellness consulting firm providing custom strategies and solutions to support employee and clientele wellness, organizational wellness, social responsibility, and social change initiatives.


Our trauma-informed wellness services support spiritual, mental, and physical health and wellbeing on both the individual and organizational levels.


DivineSense's professional services help government, social enterprises, and nonprofits create a wellness-centered work environment to achieve their goals for talent retention, operations, mission efficacy, and community relations.




DivineSense's Consulting Services include:

Executive/Individual Wellness Consultations

Youth Inner Self-Awareness (YISA) Yoga & SEL Workshops & Programs

Inner Self-Awareness (ISA) Yoga & SEL Program for Adults




DivineSense maintains an online Wellness Boutique offering a curated collection of eco-friendly and handmade products for the

Spirit, Mind, Body, Home & Garden.

Our Vision:


Our vision at DivineSense is to encourage our community to strengthen our bodies, discipline our minds, and deepen our spiritual connection with the Creator as a means of achieving healing, personal growth, and resiliency during challenging times.


In this way, we strive to support our community in developing strength to stand against destructive cultural and social systems and create a more nurturing, balanced, and peaceful society.


Our Values:

Love Yourself.  Love Others.  Love Our Earth.  Live Peacefully.

Love Yourself.

DivineSense is a social enterprise that prioritizes human needs as equal to profits. This means that our workers have time away from work to properly care for their own and their family's spiritual health and wellness. It also means that we strive to pay our workers fairly and buy only from companies that offer fair wages, fair trade, and fair working conditions.


Love Others.

We understand that our relationships with our customers and community is the key to our mutual health and success as a world society. So, we take the time to listen to our customers, curate high quality natural, eco-friendly, and organic products, and offer holistic services that support our community's overall spiritual health and wellbeing.


Love Our Earth.

We recognize that peaceful living comes from honoring our spiritual interconnection with plant life, wildlife, and the earth itself. So, we strive to honor the earth by minimizing the negative impacts of our operations through sustainable sourcing, buying recycled goods, using recycled packaging, community education & planting wildflowers.  And, our daily business operations adhere to eco-friendly and sustainable practices that contribute to a circular economy.


Live Peacefully.

By practicing love in this way, we are able to develop peace, compassion, and strength within ourselves and in our interactions with our community.  We hope that the peace we cultivate at DivineSense spreads far and wide throughout our community and the world.