Posted by Dea on 30th Nov 2021

Welcome to the DivineSense Blog!


Welcome to the DivineSense Blog - my very first attempt at blogging!

My spiritual path in this life has taken many unexpected twists and turns - some of which led to wonderful blessings through faith and others that taught me invaluable lessons through challenge. The blending of both blessings and challenges have brought me to my current worldly positioning as a spiritual philosophy and Raja Yoga teacher, anti-oppression teacher, business owner, mediator, and inactive social justice attorney. If you are curious about me, you can read more here. :-)

The DivineSense Blog will discuss spiritual and natural beliefs, practices (including those from the African/Black Diaspora which are frequently misunderstood and disregarded) that support overall spiritual health, well-being, and peaceful lifestyles and relationships of all kinds.

While I clearly have some plans for content within this blog, I am intentionally keeping these plans loose and flexible. I do not want to become so rigid that I miss inspiration and guidance from Spirit in what I share here.

This means that we shall see where Spirit takes this blog in the coming weeks and months!

My overall hope is that this sharing of my knowledge, experiences, and insights up to this point on my path might be inspiring and useful to others as they seek to change and grow along their unique spiritual path.

In the meanwhile, I'm sending you hugs and love on your spiritual path...


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