Juneteenth: Celebration of the Quest for Liberation

Posted by Dea on 19th Jun 2022

Juneteenth: Celebration of the Quest for Liberation

The quest for liberation is as essential to our human existence as the air we breathe.

We see this quest for liberation at every stage - the yearning for growth and independence during infancy, the exploration of worldly freedoms during teen and adult years, and the need for freedom from the limitations of the body during the final days of life.

This quest or call for liberation resides within us all.  Yet, it may lie dormant within some, it may just be emerging in others, or it may be a fully realized purpose of life for others.  And, this calling for liberation can be particularly strong for those of us who have long endured oppressed in the physical world.

For Black Americans, our ancestors sensed the call of liberation during the height of the slave trade and enslavement.  Our grandmothers and grandfathers sensed this call as we escaped slavery and fought in the Civil War for this country's recognition of our physical liberation.  Our mothers and fathers sensed this call during Redemption, Jim Crow, and Segregation.  And, we sense our spirit's call for liberation as we challenge the oppression of domestic neo-colonialism and militarized government systems today.

Juneteenth isn't a celebration of a reluctant nation's forced and delayed acknowledgment of our physical liberation.  We don't celebrate the history of disguising and swapping one form of oppression for another.  We don't celebrate the use of this day for political posturing or economic exploitation.

On Juneteenth, Black Americans celebrate our culture's deep connection with the Creator and the spiritual truth of our freedom and equality that flows from that connection.  We celebrate the sacrifices and achievements of our ancestors and relatives who bravely paved the early pathways to greater liberties - for people of ALL races, genders, and ethnic groups in the United States.  And, we celebrate our faith, strength, and resilience as a people who is capable of achieving true liberation for future generations.

May we whisper our prayers, breathe deeply, and feel renewed by the spirit of our ancestors and relatives who sacrificed their lives to guide us toward the path of liberation.

May we take this day for joy, rejuvenation, and rest of our spirits before we continue on our quests for liberation.

May we remain in close relationship with the Creator and be receptive to divine guidance.

May we discern the individual and collective actions we must take in our quest for liberation for our people and for all life.

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