Natural Agave Back Scrubber Strap

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Can't reach that itch on your back? Need to exfoliate to help with that breakout on your back? Try out an agave back scrubber - it can reach where your arms can't and it's plant-based!

Manufacturer's Statements:

100% natural sisal, this back scrubbing strap will leave your skin clean and gently exfoliated.  This strap is washable and fully biodegradable. Size: 28"x5"

How to Use: Wet and add your favorite soap, shower gel, or body scrub. Hold the straps and scrub back and forth. Hand to dry after use.

Care Instructions: Hand wash or wash on a gentle cycle as need. Line Dry. Mother Earth Approved: Made from 100% agave plant with cotton straps. This back scrubber is fully biodegradable.

Save the planet - reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible.