Yoga Students


DivineSense deeply believes in the wisdom of the ancient spiritual philosophies and practices

that inspired, nurtured, and preserved all forms of life for hundreds of years.


With this deep reverence for the ancient spiritual ways, we offer classes in spiritual philosophy and spiritual practices from both the Black Diaspora and Classical Yoga Philosophy. We encourage students to develop greater awareness adn balance of their bodies, minds, and spirits to improve overall wellbeing.


It is our hope that we can guide our students in recognizing and connecting with their divine sense as means of loving and sustaining themselves as they move through the many changes along life's journeys.


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There are a wealth of ancient texts, personal accounts, and modern scientific research

documenting the benefits of the spiritual practice of yoga.


Here are just a few of the benefits of a regular yoga practice.


Improve spiritual health and well-being

Increase faith

Enhance spiritual/religious practices

Explore spiritual experience

Notice spiritual aspects of daily life

Develop spiritual resilience

Increase spiritual knowledge

Recognize the spirit within all life

Sense the interconnection of all life

Develop an appreciation of life's transitions and changes

Deeper understanding of your own spirituality/religion

Closer connection with nature

Develop inner sense of peace

Cope with loss & grief

Closer connection with Creator/Divine


Improve attention & concentration

Improve memory

Improve mood

Improve emotional balance

Improve self-regulation

Increased mental energy

Reduce & manage stress & anxiety

Improve mental health

Improve self-esteem

Improve confidence

Improve resilience

Improve quality of life

Improve mindfulness

Improve mental image

Improve ability to learn new information

Improve ability to adjust & adapt to new situations


Improve flexibility

Improve balance

Improve mobility

Improve breathing capacity

Increase physical energy

Improve strength

Ease back pain

Improve sleep quality

Improve bone health

Maintain & improve heart health

Reduce inflammation

Reduce physical tension

Improve body image

Support weight loss

Improve body awareness/interoception

Support lifestyle changes

Support breaking of unhealthy habits

It is our intention to present these spiritual teachings and practices for our students to learn and use in their daily lives

to find stability, balance, and peace through the many changes in life.


Talk with your doctor(s) about any limitations/movements you should avoid


Fully digest meals & hydrate before class


Come to class without alcohol or intoxicating drugs in your body


Take a shower before any indoor class


Bring a container of water to class


Wear comfortable, form-fitting, & loose clothing

(no loose shirts or shorts)


Wear a loose or tension-free hairstyle


Bring a mat

(or rent a mat for $5 at any indoor class)


Prepare to practice with bare feet

(we won't judge you/your feet, but socks/yoga socks are fine)


Prepare to listen to your body without judgment


Be gentle, patient and loving with yourself


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