Bamboo Wet Bath Brush

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Dry body brushing can be a stimulating experience in skin exfoliation and relaxation! Before your nightly shower or bath, use this brush to promote blood circulation and remove those dry and dead skin cells.



Use the Bamboo Bath Brush to gently brush using long, upward strokes. Start with your legs, then mid-section, then arms, always brushing in an upward motion. Regular dry brushing exfoliates and detoxifies, improving appearance and leaving skin soft, smooth, and glowing.



Rinse and hang to dry.


Manufacturer's Statements & Materials:

  • Bamboo bristle bath brush
  • Long bamboo handle extends your reach
  • Made with natural materials
  • 16" brush
  • *Bamboo has a low impact on the earths resources, as it is a highly sustainable plant.
  • 100% vegan
  • Ergonomic



Wet brush and apply favorite soap or body wash to scrub hard-to-reach areas. Rinse brush and hang to air dry. Green Tip: Donating your old magazine to libraries can help reduce paper waste.


Save the planet - reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible.