Inner Self-Awareness (ISA) Yoga Program

The ISA Program is an introspective and interactive program for adults (20 years & up) that uses Yoga philosophy and mind-body practices to explore holistic health and wellness by guiding participants in improving mindfulness, emotional intelligence, emotional self-regulation, mind-body image, relationships, conflict resolution, and perspectives on interconnection and social responsibility.

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Youth Inner Self-Awareness (YISA) Yoga & SEL Program

The YISA Program is a fun, age-appropriate, and interactive program for youth that uses Yoga philosophy and mind-body practices to teach social and emotional learning (SEL) as a standalone offering or to enhance other SEL frameworks by guiding youth in improving mindfulness, mind-body image, emotional self-regulation, relationships, conflict resolution and social responsibility.

Options are also available for teens and adults of all ages.

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Spiritual Beliefs & Practices of the Black Diaspora Workshop

An introductory workshop that explores the shared spiritual beliefs and practices originating from and thriving throughout the worldwide Black Diaspora.

Through interactive facilitated discussion, participants explore the ways that these shared beliefs and practices have kept Aboriginals, Africans, Black People in the Americas, Caribbeans, and Melanesians spiritually and culturally connected despite our physical separation.

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Yoga Philosophy & Race Workshop

Introduction and exploration of racial constructs through the lens of Yoga philosophy. Examination of the purpose and persistence of racial constructs, explanation of Yoga’s philosophy of how the mind works, the source of racial conditioning within the mind, and how Yoga’s principles and practices can help us liberate ourselves from the racial constructs and conditioning that divide and bind us all.

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Custom Spiritual, Wellness & Yoga Workshops

If our existing workshops and programs don't meet your needs, let us know what you're looking for and we'll let you know if we can create a custom workshop for your group or organization.